Hartzler Family Dairy is an Ohio company whos' farms have been owned and operated since 1952 by the same family. All of their herds are Hartzler family owned and all feed staples are also produced chemical-free on their own farms. The entire production has been free of all chemicals including herbicides, pesticides, and artificial horomones since 1964. The milk is non-homogenized and low temperature vat pasteurized at the lowest legal limit at 145 deg. F.

Snowville Creamery is also a new Ohio dairy, opened in 2008. Their herds of Jersey and Holstein cows are pasture-grazed and horomone-free. Snowville's milk comes from Meigs Co. herds owned by Bill Dix/Stacey Hall, Hamm Valley Farms of Racine, and Emerald Farms. The milk is non-homogenized and high temperature short time pasteurized at 160 deg. F which is the lowest legal temperature allowed for that process.

Most dairy cattle including both of our suppliers along with being over 99% grass fed and pasture grazed, are also given a small portion of a grain in the milking parlor as an incentive for the girls to come in for milking comprising only a 1/10th of 1% if their total diet (estimated figures specific to Hartzler).